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The main character is travelling to the different periods in the history of art. During the journey she talks to different artists – and learns about their inspiration, the life they had while the masterpieces were created. On the other hand she also finds a way to make a link between the old, marvelous artworks with the fascinating of the contemporary art.

‘How To Make Photograph Look Like A Painting?'(6)

"The work is only finished when there are no more distractions." Desiree Dolron As most of the things in our life - my discovery of Desiree Dolron Photography started from the curiosity. What you’ve learned from my previous post – falling... Continue Reading →

The face. The world’s smallest and greatest theater'(5)

If some people  will ever try to tell you that this world isn't full of magic, ask them what do they see while looking at the rising sun at the seaside in the early morning . What is that they... Continue Reading →

‘Does Art Really Need Success?'(4)

‘What does inspire me?’ – Adolphe Borie, American painter repeated the question once again as if he wanted to give himself more time to answer properly  - ‘ One can say that the artworks of Manet, Renoir and Cezanne undoubtedly... Continue Reading →

‘The Triumph Of Spirit Over Matter'(3)

The very first night in my new, antique bed has transferred me to the past. I have not seen any logic in all that has happened - neither could I find any rational explanation to the state I was in.... Continue Reading →

‘Be careful of what you desire – you may get it'(2)

If I asked you today who is the one, very important person that you would like to meet face to face, have dinner with and get to know better – who would that be? I mean here somebody who you... Continue Reading →

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