Big Art Theory Blog is a place where the Old Masters and their artworks meet New Masters –  as Art, just like a great writer Oscar Wild once said – it is a matter that ‘persists and timelessly continues’ .

In the published short stories and posts the reader shall find information about the important artworks of old painters such as: Domenico Ghirlandaio, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Carriera, Caravaggio, Aman-Jean, Borie etc.

Since the demand for ‘traditional art’ within ‘the modern art’ is increasing –  Big Art Theory  blog promotes also the new, contemporary, international, ‘museum and art-galleries level’ artists  whose work refers to the existing artistic heritage – for example Danielle Van Zadelhoff, Thomas Dodd, Desiree Dolron – who trough their exquisite creations found their way to take over the reins from ‘old masters’.